In the fight against the Covid-19, we are more than ever concerned by the cleanliness and the hygiene of our houses. We have compiled this comprehensive list of cleaning and disinfection guidelines to offer you a safe stay.

These recommendations made by the World Health Organisation and the National Union for the Promotion of Vacation Rentals (UNPLV) will be scrupulously applied by our cleaning teams.

Ventilation of the property and protection of our team members

·         The house will have been aired since the departure of the precedent guests. Any fans will have been turned on to help the circulation of the air. 

At your departure :
Please open all the windows as soon as you wake up on your departure day.. 

·         Our teams will carry out the cleaning wearing disposable gloves, used in only one house, and a protection mask. They will wash their hands on entering the property, and also immediately after having removed their gloves. 

·         The handle of the entrance door, the key safe and the key itself will be the last item disinfected so that they will perfectly safe on your arrival.

Cleaning then disinfection 

To prevent the propagation of germs, the surfaces will be cleaned with detergent products. Once the surfaces are cleaned , a bactericidal bleach based disinfectant will be applied by a spray. After several minutes, the disinfectant will be wiped with a disposable paper towel.

We pay particular attention to surfaces which are frequently touched such as:

·         Door handles, handrails on the stairs, the key safe, the keys themselves

·         Light switches, including lamps, TV remote controls, air conditioning remote controls, fan switches and chains

·         Bathroom taps, toilet flush button, toilet seats

·         Kitchen taps, work surfaces, oven and hob buttons

·         Chair backs and arms, tables and coffee tables, bedheads

Dustbins and recycling bins

Our cleaning equipment (floor cloths, sponges …) is disinfected with bleach between two houses.  Cloths are forbidden, and only disposable wipes/cloths can be used. 

During your stay  : 

·         We ask that when using the dishwasher, you use the long program at 60°C. In the case of using a tumble dryer, please clean the filter between two drying cycles.

At your departure : 

·         If you carry out the end of stay cleaning yourselves, we ask that you strictly comply with the cleaning/disinfecting guidelines. 

·         Detergent products and disinfectant sprays are available for your use.

·         The disinfection of the properties in all cases will be repeated by our teams after you have left.  

Management of Bed linen and Towels : 

·         The bed linen, towels and bath mats are professionally washed at 90°C by the company Elis. 

·         In an effort to minimize its manipulation, the linen is stocked and handled in plastic.

·         Disposable mattress covers are available for our guests. 

Due to current health measures, the beds are not made on your arrival contrary to previous years; we thank you for your understanding.  
At your departure :

·         Empty Elis bags are available for the collection of dirty linen. In order to reduce the risk of contamination, please put the dirty linen in the bags, and avoid shaking it or moving it between rooms. 

·         Tea towels are washed in bleach and boiled. On your departure please leave the tea towels in the sink, without putting them in the bags. 

Procedure of arrivals and departures :

The National Union for the Promotion of Holiday Rentals (UNPLV) recommends limiting the number of contact between the team members and the holidaymakers during the arrivals and departures. 

In this context, we will let you “visit” the house alone and will meet you simply for the signature of the entry form and the payment of the safety deposit and additional services if these have not been paid in advance. 
Our agents remain at your entire disposal for any explanations needed on site if necessary, whilst respecting the barrier conditions.

Unless there have been any major concerns during your stay which needs one of our agents to be present, we ask you, exceptionnally for this year, to leave your holiday residence on your own. We strongly advise you to indicate on the entry form any eventual problems met during your stay and/or any suggestions for improvement. The inventory and checking of the house will be carried out by our agents after your departure.  If there is no problem, we formally commit to destroy by shredding any credit card details or cheques in our posession within 24 hours.  

At your departure :

·       Please complete the section on the entry form with any remarks or suggestions which you judge to be useful.

·      It is crucial to leave the key in the key safe.  

·      Please make sure you have left the house by 10h at the latest, so that our cleaning teams have the time to correctly clean and disinfect the house before the arrival of the following guests. 

We thank you for your attention and to respect these directives with the sole aim to ensure you a healthy environment and an excellent stay in the Dordogne! 

PLEASE IMPERATIVELY REPORT TO US ANY SUSPICION OF ANYONE BEING INFECTED BY THE COVID 19 DURING YOUR STAY , so that additional measures of disinfection can be put into place.

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