Prehistory in Perigord Black

The Black Périgord is home to more than 60 prehistoric sites many of which are registered UNESCO sites, including a number of the decorated caves in the Vézère valley where homo sapien man took refuge. Many have been restored and you can learn in a more light-hearted fashion about the dawn of humanity.

Another of the Périgord Noir’s world famous sights is the renowned prehistoric cave at Lascaux, near Montignac, nicknamed the Sistine Chapel of the Prehistory. Today, the original being no longer open to the public, the site of Lascaux II is home to an exact replica of the original paintings created by our ancestors.

A concentration of celebrated sites is found at Les Eyzies de Tayac, where the town and many surrounding villages are rich in prehistoric treasures: paintings in the caves of Font de Gaume , Bara-Bahauor the etchings of Combarelles, of l’Abri de Poisson, or also of thecave of Rouffignac St Cernin

At the heart of this historic region,, the National Prehistoric Museum  reflects an ongoing archeological expansion. Re opened in 2004, this museum has the largest Palaeolithic collection in France.

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